The Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program (MAEAP) is a voluntary, pro-active program designed to reduce producer’s legal and environmental risks. Each MAEAP system — Livestock, Farmstead and Cropping — examines a different aspect of a farm and, through education, management plan development and farm inspections, helps producers develop and implement economically feasible, effective and environmentally sound pollution prevention practices.

What MAEAP Can Do For You:

  • MAEAP is a confidential, helpful process of working with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to meet environmental laws.
  • Boost your access to cost-share funds in the EQIP Farm Bill program ranking tool.
  • Use the MAEAP logo and MAEAP sign to market your farm and farm products.
  • Complete a Risk Assessment (Farmstead and Cropping) and receive 4 RUP Credits for each system, (2 RUP Credits for repeat assessments).
  • Become MAEAP verified and receive 8 RUP Credits each for Farmstead and Cropping systems.
  • Become reverified and receive 4 RUP Credits for Farmstead and Cropping systems.
  • Save up to 20% on your Basic Liability Premium (Section II) of your Farm Bureau Inusrance Farmowners Policy.
  • Avoid civil fines and penalties if your farm is faced with an unintentional, accidental discharge to the water or an “Act of God Weather Event.”
  • Confidence that you are in conformance with applicable Right to Farm Generally Accepted Agricultural Management Practices.
  • If a farm is MAEAP verified in all applicable “systems” and is in a Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Watershed, the farm will be considered as implementing the practices needed to meet a TMDL.
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